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I am a pastor. It is more than a job; it is who I am. It is a career, but a career within a calling.


In the words of Eugene Peterson, "I am lashed to the mast."

I serve at First Baptist Church in Richmond, TX. Richmond is a new adventure for our family, and we are delighted to live in this incredible community.

I am the husband of the strongest woman I have ever met, Amy.

She is as much a nurse as I am a pastor.

I am the father of a wild little thing named Beckham and a sweet little thing named Baker.

One is as strong-headed as his mama. The other is laid back like dad.

I come from the stocks of West Texas Cowboys and South Texas Farmers.

The traditions of each have shaped my understanding of life and ministry.

Above all, I am a follower of Jesus Christ.

I believe with all that I am that he really is whom he says he is.

I am imperfect.

I am deeply flawed.

But I believe.

And I am pursuing.

C. Ryan Chandler
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